Types of Vacations We Plan

Benefits of Working With

Travel Masters


  •  We are a local company. This gives you the ability to meet with us in person if you wish. You can also communicate with us via email or phone.
  • When you book through us you are supporting a small business. 
  • We do extensive training with resorts, tour companies and cruise lines.
  • We are also familiar with many destinations and can give lots of advice. 
  • All of our agents travel as much as possible and they have experience with numerous destinations and resorts.
  • We use feedback from clients to help guide you, which is different from just looking online and booking something on a website. 
  • We are also available to assist you should an emergency arise during your vacation. ​​
  • Luxury Vacations
  • Disney Vacations
  • Cruise Vacations
  • Honeymoon Vacations
  • Anniversary Vacations
  • Destination Weddings
  • Family/Multi-Generational Vacations
  • Tours - International or Domestic
  • All-Inclusive Vacations
  • Adult Only Vacations
  • Group Vacations
  • Corporate Travel
  • Custom Vacations
    • ​International
    • Domestic
  • ​​Adventure Travel
  • Special Event Accommodations/tickets

Explanation of Travel Masters Services 

  • We are a full service travel agency.
    • This means that we book all types of vacations. 
  • Almost all of our services are free
    • Free Services Include- All-inclusive Resorts, Disney World and Disney Land, Cruises, Guided Tours, Rental Cars, Resorts, Hotel bookings, and more
    • As long as you book through our Travel Masters office, Travel Masters is paid by suppliers for working with you. 
    • That means that when you are ready, we take your credit card information and contact the resort/hotel or supplier on your behalf with your payment.  They will then pay us a commission for working with you and assisting you with booking a vacation. 
    • None of the commission we receive from the suppliers is added on to the cost your vacation. 
    • The only way that we get paid for our time and research is if you allow us to process the booking through our office on your behalf. 
  • We can price match, and typically beat on-line sites such as Orbitz, Travelocity, and Expedia etc...
    • In the process of working with us, if you find something on-line you are interested in, please tell us so we have a chance to work with you to match or beat a price you've found. 
  • We also plan custom vacations
    • These are tailor made vacations to meet your specific needs and fulfill your dreams and desires. 
    • There are service fees associated with custom vacations. We have custom vacation consultations with all clients who are interested in this type of vacation and a custom vacation contract that explains our services and fees. 
    • There is also a deposit required up front after the initial consultation.
    • A custom vacation is not a vacation for the budget conscious.  This is a vacation for those who want an experience that is unique and cannot be easily provided by a guided tour, resort, or cruise line.  The client is paying for our time, research, and expertise to plan for them an experience that is unique to their specific travel desires.  
  • We do charge a fee to book independent airline tickets
    • The client only wants an airline ticket and no other service such as a hotel room or rental car.
    • Fees for airline tickets within the continental United States are $35 per person
    • Fees for Hawaii and Alaska and simple international round trip tickets are $50 per person
    • Fees for multi-step flights or flights that are not round-trip to and from the same USA airport or international cities are $75 per person

*Please Note

The independent air fee will also apply when airfare is not booked as part of a package or from the same supplier, hotel, cruise line, rental car, or tour company that the other portions of your vacation are booked through